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Learn To Fly 4

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learn-to-fly-3About The Game.

Learn To Fly 4 is the most recent edition of my favorite game about penguins. Thousands of people were waiting for this game and now you have ability to play it for free at our website. If you have never player the Learn To Fly series you missed a lot because this game became the opener of new game category - games where you have to collect money and upgrade things to make your character stronger or faster or whatever.  The most popular games of this category are Learn To Fly, Earn To Die, Swords and Souls and many others. But Learn To Fly has it's own place in this niche - the leading one.

In Learn To Fly 4 just like the previous versions of the game you will have to deal with penguins. Those funny little bids have wings but can't fly. Your missions is to make them fly high in the sky and become a real birds. The recent version of Learn To Fly features absolutely new aim - make penguins reach the Moon. The game starts with the picture of Penguin NASA where crowds of penguins are trying to figure out how to make their first flight. Your mission is to help them. Earn money every day by making a try to reach space. Upgrade the spare parts of your ship and turn it into a powerful rocket. The game has lots of upgrades that can take a long time achieve. If you bookmark our website, you can easily start the game from the place where you stopped instead of starting from the beginning. Hope that you enjoy the Learn To FLy 4.